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Natural Perspective

The Plant Kingdom: Conifers

(Last modified: 4 May 2015)
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Phylum:  Ginkgophyta (Ginko)
Phylum:  Gnetophyta(Ephedra)
Phylum:  Cycadophyta (Cycads)
Phylum:  Coniferophyta (Conifers)
Single Class?:  Pinate
Order Coniferales:
 Family Pineaceae 
   Abies  (Fir)
   Cedrus (Cedar)
   Larix (Larch)
   Picea  (Spruce)
   Pinus (Pine)
   Pseutotsuga (Douglas-Fir)
   Tsuga  (Hemlock)
 Family Taxodiaceae (now merged into Cupressaceae -- FNA)
 Family Cupressaceae (Cypress)
   Calocedrus (Incense Cedar)
   Cupressus  (Cypress)
   Juniperus  (Juniper)
   Thuja      (Arborvitae)
      Western Red Cedar

 Family Araucariaceae (strange Australian)
 Family Podocarpaceae 

Order Taxales
 Family Taxaceae (Yew)
   Taxus (Yew)
   Torreya (California Nutmeg:  T. californica)   

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